Dr. Yassin is a federally licensed civil surgeon permitted to conduct the USCIS Medical Exam for Citizenship. Our immigration exam services our open to the public. We offer a comprehensive exam, provide guidance to ensure that all requirements are complete and met, and complete the appropriate forms (I-693) required by the USCIS. We have appointments available 4 days each week. Please call our office for details.

We also conduct Department of Transportation exams and other occupational exams. Please call our office for details.

We offer a comprehensive, noninvasive skin allergy test that tests for over 100 food and environmental allergens:

Cat, Dog and Horse Hair; Dust; Grass; Weeds; Trees; Mold; 45 Food Allergens, including various Fruits, Vegetables, Wheat, and Nuts

We administer a skin test that yields results quickly and carries little risk. Nonetheless, our tests are administered by our experienced staff and supervised by our clinicians.